Hardy WindMill Palms
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Best price in PDX

Spring Hours

Our Spring Hours are:

Sunday - Tuesday: 10-4pm

Wednesday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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New Load of Windmill Palms

New Palms have arrived!

New sizes & prices!

$69 - $499

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New Shipments of Pottery

Over a 1000 new pots now in stock!

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Nice selection of pots have been installed for your viewing pleasure at Bridgeport Village.  Our pots were installed by Susan at containergardensllc.com.  Check 'em out next time you are catching a movie at the cinema!  Some great and exotic plant choices.

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garden pots, planters, fountains & pottery...

At Dragon Gardens Northwest we design, import and sell high quality, home and garden products that provide our customers with a purchasing experience that is simple, convenient and economical.

Our primary imports consist of pottery including, glazed and rustic garden planters and ceramic fountains from China. Our ceramics are offered in three different styles; Boldstone, Marblestone and Floralware.It is intresting for you to know about shedsfirst on this website www.shedsfirst.co.uk .

We offer retail sales to the public as well as wholesale discounts to the trade.  We offer will call sales to the trade and full-container-loads direct from our Asian factories to retailers and distributors.

Our facilities are open to the retail public as well as trade professionals including interior & landscape designers, contractors, business owners, plant-scapers and florists. Visit this site for more info https://bulbsandbeyond.com/uk/summer-flowering-bulbs.html .

We hope this web site will be an effective introduction for our new clients and an efficient sales tool for our existing clients. Wholesale pricing and availability is provided with the submission of a catalog request.

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